Welcome to McLeod’s Home on the Web!

Throughout McLeod’s history we have focused on being a mission-minded congregation. We’ve been blessed to be a part of the Bartow community for more than 75 years as a family church.  As times have changed, we’ve expanded to help countless individuals and families through ministry, fellowship, and our various outreach programs (like our Christmas Project) and through contributions throughout the world.

We have fun in our ministries with programs designed for your entire family. We are strengthened spiritually with our music and outreach programs, and we seek to continue to improve all of our missions as the years move on.  In our years of service, we haven’t lost sight of our guiding principal:

We seek to help imperfect people hear and feel God’s guidance.

The term “Christ Centered” suits our focus, because it embodies all that we seek to do in His name. If you are looking for a church that practices faith service, give us a visit! Better yet, join us as we grow for Christ!